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Examples for ReasonReact

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Please use this official bsb ReasonReact template instead.

Old Instructions

This is a repo with examples usages of ReasonReact, whose docs are here. Have something you don't understand? Join us on Discord!

git clone
cd reason-react-example
npm install
npm run build
npm run webpack

Then open src/index.html to see the links to the examples (no server needed!).

Watch File Changes

The above commands works for a one-time build. To continuously build when a file changes, do:

npm start

Then in another tab, do:

npm run webpack

You can then modify whichever file in src and refresh the html page to see the changes.

Build for Production

npm run build
npm run webpack:production

This will replace the development JS artifact for an optimized version.

To enable dead code elimination, change bsconfig.json's package-specs module from "commonjs" to "es6". Then re-run the above 2 commands. This will allow Webpack to remove unused code.


Examples for ReasonReact


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