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A ground-up rebuild of the stock gridfinity bins in OpenSCAD (personal fork)

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Gridfinity Rebuilt in OpenSCAD

License: MIT

A ground-up port (with a few extra features) of the stock gridfinity bins in OpenSCAD. Open to feedback, because I could not feasibly test all combinations of bins. I tried my best to exactly match the original gridfinity dimensions, but some of the geometry is slightly incorrect (mainly fillets). However, I think they are negligible differences, and will not appear in the printed model.

Full documentation can be found at the project's website.

The project can also be found on Printables if you want to support the project.


  • any size of bin (width/length/height)
  • height by units, internal depth, or overall size
  • any number of compartments (along both X and Y axis)
  • togglable scoop
  • togglable tabs, split tabs, and tab alignment
  • togglable holes (with togglable supportless printing hole structures)
  • manual compartment construction (make the most wacky bins imaginable)
  • togglable lip (if you don't care for stackability)
  • dividing bases (if you want a 1.5 unit long bin, for instance)
  • removed material from bases to save filament
  • vase mode bins

Printable Holes

The printable holes allow your slicer to bridge the gap inside the countersunk magnet hole (using the technique shown here) so that supports are not needed.


For best results, use a version of OpenSCAD with the fast-csg feature. As of writing, this feature is only implemented in the development snapshots. To enable the feature, go to Edit > Preferences > Features > fast-csg. On my computer, this sped up rendering from 10 minutes down to a couple of seconds, even for comically large bins.


Gridfinity by Zack Freedman

This work is licensed under the same license as Gridfinity, being a MIT License.

License: MIT


A ground-up rebuild of the stock gridfinity bins in OpenSCAD (personal fork)



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