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  1. Configure the full_text_search update_secret param in your site/config/config.yml.
  2. Create the update cron job: curl http://your-rapila-installation/get_file/update_search_index/language-id?secret=your-secret. (Set your-rapila-installation, language-id and your-secret to appropriate values. your-secret is what you set in the first step. Use multiple cron jobs for a multilingual installation.)
  3. Add the necessary tables to your database (or do an automatic migration). Re-generate the model.
  4. Create a page of page type “search result” for the search results.
  5. To create your own search result template. Put template-name.tmpl and template-name_item.tmpl into CONTEXT_DIR/templates/search_results (where CONTEXT_DIR will be “site” unless you’re developing your own plugin). template-name is the name of the template for your search-result page. You may also name your template “default” (there is a default template set already included with the full_text_search plugin).
  6. Put the {{searchForm}} identifier somewhere in your template to output a form to the search result page.
  7. Crawl http://your-rapila-installation/get_file/update_search_index/language-id?secret=your-secret manually to create your search index.


The full-text search plugin



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