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Simple customizable navbar component for react-native

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Customizable navbar for react-native

Attention: this component has been designed for usage with Navigator.

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npm install react-native-navbar

Usage example

var NavigationBar = require('react-native-navbar');

var ExampleProject = React.createClass({

  renderScene: function(route, navigator) {
    var Component = route.component;
    var navBar = route.navigationBar;

    if (navBar) {
      navBar = React.addons.cloneWithProps(navBar, {
        navigator: navigator,
        route: route

    return (
      <View style={styles.navigator}>
        <Component navigator={navigator} route={route} />

  render: function() {
    return (
          component: InitialView,
          navigationBar: <NavigationBar title="Initial View"/>

Also, you can take a look on examples folder

Custom elements

In the cases when you need some extra customization (like replacing title by image, adding extra buttons, etc), you can use custom components. Every custom component will receive navigator and route property from renderScene method.

Custom buttons

There are some cases when you need to use custom buttons and it's not hard at all:

var CustomPrevButton = require('./CustomPrevButton');
var CustomNextButton = require('./CustomNextButton');

var navigationBar = (
    title="Custom buttons"

In every button you'll receive a navigator property.

Custom title

If for some reason you want to customize a title (add image or whatever), you can use customTitle prop:

var CustomTitle = require('./CustomTitle');

var navigationBar = <NavigationBar customTitle={<CustomTitle />} />;

Component props

  • title (String) - Title of the navbar
  • titleColor (String) - Color of the navbar title (hex/rgb(a))
  • buttonsColor (String) - Color of the buttons
  • backgroundColor (String) - Color of the navbar's background
  • onPrev (Function) - Callback on left navbar button click
  • onNext (Function) - Callback on right navbar button click
  • hidePrev (Boolean) - Should prev button be hidden or not
  • prevTitle (String) - Caption of the "back" button
  • nextTitle (String) - Caption of the "next" button
  • customPrev (React.Element) - React element to use instead of standart prev button
  • customNext (React.Element) - React element to use instead of standart next button
  • customTitle (React.Element) - React element to use instead of standart title
  • statusBar (String) - Color of the status bar (lightContent/default)


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Simple customizable navbar component for react-native

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