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A bot built with Tornado to automate common pull request tasks. Specifically designed for use with the SaltStack repositories.

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Create tests for files already present

rallytime opened this issue · comments

Some unit tests need to be created for this repo so we can get started on the right foot. Let's use pytest ;)

@gtmanfred - Let's do this! We can chat about what this might look like moving forward if you like.

I will work on getting some docs together for this repo as well. But for now, the python parts should be able to have some tests running quickly. Then we can make a plan for getting tests running on PRs using travis or jenkins or whatever you like for now.

This has been started with PR #19. That starts the initial set up and contains tests for 2 functions within the pull_request.py file.

The following functions within the pull_request.py file still need tests:

  • assign_reviewers
  • get_owners_file_contents
  • get_pr_file_names
  • create_pr_comment
  • _get_code_owners

The following files still need tests:

  • event_processor.py
  • github.py
  • server.py

Test comment

Code coverage is now at 88%, which was previously 0%. I'm closing this as complete. We can tackle the remaining coverage later. Woo!