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xmp.spawn fails with models containing register_buffer on large TPU Pods( >=v3-128)

tgisaturday opened this issue Β· comments

πŸ› Bug

Hi, I'm trying to run my code on Cloud TPU Pod and models with self.register_buffer fails on large pods (>=v3-128) with SIGSEGV. I'm not sure self.register_buffer is the only cause but models without register_buffer doesn't cause any SIGSEGV.

To Reproduce

clone this repo,

pip install with requirements.txt

Here are example for TPU setup.

export PROJECT_ID=lgai-vision-tpu
export TPU_NAME=tpu-pod-128
export ZONE=europe-west4-a
export RUNTIME_VERSION=v2-alpha

gcloud alpha compute tpus tpu-vm create ${TPU_NAME} \
--zone ${ZONE} --project ${PROJECT_ID} --accelerator-type v3-128 \
--version ${RUNTIME_VERSION} 

gcloud alpha compute tpus tpu-vm ssh ${TPU_NAME} \
--zone ${ZONE} --project ${PROJECT_ID} --worker=all \
  --command "git clone"
gcloud alpha compute tpus tpu-vm ssh ${TPU_NAME} \
--zone ${ZONE} --project ${PROJECT_ID} --worker=all \
  --command "pip3 install -r dalle-lightning/requirements.txt"

These two commands work:

python3 -m torch_xla.distributed.xla_dist --tpu=tpu-pod-128 --restart-tpuvm-pod-server -- python3 dalle-lightning/ --use_tpus --model vqvae --fake_data
python3 -m torch_xla.distributed.xla_dist --tpu=tpu-pod-128 --restart-tpuvm-pod-server -- python3 dalle-lightning/ --use_tpus --model gvqvae --fake_data

These two fails with SIGSEGV.

python3 -m torch_xla.distributed.xla_dist --tpu=tpu-pod-128 --restart-tpuvm-pod-server -- python3 dalle-lightning/ --use_tpus --model evqvae --fake_data
python3 -m torch_xla.distributed.xla_dist --tpu=tpu-pod-128 --restart-tpuvm-pod-server -- python3 dalle-lightning/ --use_tpus --vae debugvae --fake_data

All four commands work fine with smaller TPU pods.

Here are error message with SIGSEGV. Both two commands shows same error.

2021-08-03 07:39:11 [14] 2021-08-03 07:39:11.524825: E tensorflow/core/framework/] OpKernel ('op: "TPURoundRobin" device_type: "CPU"') for unknown op: TPURoundRobin
2021-08-03 07:39:11 [14] 2021-08-03 07:39:11.524883: E tensorflow/core/framework/] OpKernel ('op: "TpuHandleToProtoKey" device_type: "CPU"') for unknown op: TpuHandleToProtoKey
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] https://symbolize.stripped_domain/r/?trace=7f5e5d1eab51,7f5e60fcf20f,7f5e5d1e2059,7ffc6440a4bf&map=5f4fb88af97be3ecacc71363136bb015b2a07119:7f5e5d1d4000-7f5e5d1f808c
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] *** SIGSEGV (@0x7f5d30fe2528), see gl__________25#s15 received by PID 9039 (TID 9039) on cpu 13; stack trace: ***
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] PC: @ 0x7f5e5d1eab51 (unknown) (unknown)
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] @ 0x7f5c67ee81e0 976 (unknown)
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] @ 0x7f5e60fcf210 146743520 (unknown)
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] @ 0x7f5e5d1e205a 144 GOMP_parallel
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] @ 0x7ffc6440a4c0 (unknown) (unknown)
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] https://symbolize.stripped_domain/r/?trace=7f5e5d1eab51,7f5c67ee81df,7f5e60fcf20f,7f5e5d1e2059,7ffc6440a4bf&map=5f4fb88af97be3ecacc71363136bb015b2a07119:7f5e5d1d4000-7f5e5d1f808c,ca1b7ab241ee28147b3d590cadb5dc1b:7f5c5b1e9000-7f5c6821bb20
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] E0803 07:39:12.689429 9039] RAW: Remote crash data gathering hook invoked.
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] E0803 07:39:12.689484 9039] RAW: Skipping coredump since rlimit was 0 at process start.
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] E0803 07:39:12.689511 9039] RAW: Coroner client retries enabled (b/136286901), will retry for up to 30 sec.
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] E0803 07:39:12.689527 9039] RAW: Sending fingerprint to remote end.
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] E0803 07:39:12.689539 9039] RAW: Stat failed errno=2 on socket /var/google/services/logmanagerd/remote_coredump.socket
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] E0803 07:39:12.689590 9039] RAW: Cannot send fingerprint to Coroner: [NOT_FOUND] Missing crash reporting socket. Is the listener running?
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] E0803 07:39:12.689612 9039] RAW: Discarding core.
2021-08-03 07:39:12 [0] E0803 07:39:12.711387 9039] RAW: Raising signal 11 with default behavior

Additional Information

The only difference between vqvae, gvqvae vs. evqvae is that each model uses different VectorQuantizer class in

I'm not 100% sure register_buffer is only problem for dalle but it also uses register_buffer here.

@zcain117 I removed register_buffer from evqvae models and SIGSEGV still happens. xmp.spawn seems to fail while building graph.

Using nn.Parameter as a workaround to replace .copy_() solved this issue in evqvae model. Still working on dalle model.

@zcain117 Is inplace copy operations is not currently supported by torch-xla?

copy_ is supported, looking in the implementation, it just make a copy of the other tensor and clear self tensor's metadata. It is a bit weird that this behavior will casue a crash.

copy_ is supported, looking in the implementation, it just make a copy of the other tensor and clear self tensor's metadata. It is a bit weird that this behavior will casue a crash.

Maybe certain combination of operations with copy_ causes graph building failure or OOM.

I guess immediately after the copy we would have at least double the amount of memory for that tensor since we store it in the intermediate var copy_value. So maybe if it's a large tensor it could lead to OOM? I think copy_value would get garbage collected after that method returns so it wouldn't be around for too long

Strange that this happens on v3-128 and not on v3-64


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