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Pillow macOS Wheel Builder

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Pillow Wheel Builder

This repository creates wheels for tagged versions of Pillow:

GitHub Actions build status (Lint) GitHub Actions build status (Wheels) Travis CI build status

Archives contains archives for libraries that will be built as part of the Pillow build.

In general, there is no need to put library archives there, because the multibuild scripts will download them from their respective URLs.

But, the build will look in that repository before downloading from the URL, so if there is a library that often fails to download, or you think might fail to download, then download it and add it to the Git repository.

See the pre_build in and the fetch_unpack routine in multibuild/ for the logic, and the build recipes in multibuild/ for the filename to give to the downloaded archive.


Wheels are uploaded to Credentials for this specific repo are stored in a Travis CI secret, so the upload won't work from another repository.

Windows wheels are not created here. Instead, they are GitHub Actions artifacts created on each run of the Pillow repository.


Download wheels from the latest release and upload to PyPI:

python3 -m twine upload Pillow-<VERSION>-*


Pillow macOS Wheel Builder


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