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Generate random indian names

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Generate random (or seeded) Indian Names.

To install:

npm install random-indian-name

To use:

var random_name = require('random-indian-name');
console.log(random_name()); // -> "Gaurav Seth"
console.log(random_name({ first: true, gender: "male" })); // -> "Pushkar"
console.log(random_name({ last: true })); // -> "Seth"
console.log(random_name({ seed: 'Based on this' })); // -> "Madhu Bhatia"
console.log(random_name({ random: Math.random, female: true })); // -> "Monika"

The names are taken from Baby names sites. The default random number generator is alea, because it can be seeded -- but you can pass in any function you like, so long as it returns a floating point number in the range [0,1).


Generate random indian names


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