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🌍 PDDL instances covering the International Planning Competitions

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PDDL Benchmark Instances

PDDL instances covering the International Planning Competitions


This repository contains PDDL benchmark instances in a consistent structure.

Currently, this repository covers the benchmark instances of the International Planning Competitions (IPC).


For each IPC domain, there is a top-level readme containing an informal description of the domain.

Problem instances reside in the instances subdirectory and are of the form instance-x.pddl, where x β‰₯ 1 (without leading zeros).

With most domains, there is only one domain description for all instances, domain.pddl. In some cases, a proper domain is provided for each instance, in which case the domain descriptions are stored in a domains subdirectory.

International Planning Competitions

The following International Planning Competitions are completely covered unless otherwise stated.

  1. IPC 1998 (7 domains, 14 variants)
  2. IPC 2000 (5 domains, 12 variants)
  3. IPC 2002 (8 domains, 48 variants), without untyped variants
  4. IPC 2004 (8 domains, 47 variants), deterministic track
  5. IPC 2006 (7 domains, 50 variants), deterministic track
  6. IPC 2008 (11 domains, 41 variants), deterministic track
  7. IPC 2011 (19 domains, 54 variants), deterministic track
  8. IPC 2014 (23 domains, 66 variants), deterministic track


🌍 PDDL instances covering the International Planning Competitions



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