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Software License Release

This repo only contain default Signatures for Jaeles project. Pull requests or any ideas are welcome.

Please read the Official Documention here for writing your own signature.


Try to clone signatures folder to somewhere like this

git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/jaeles-project/jaeles-signatures /tmp/jaeles-signatures/

then reload them in the DB with this command.

jaeles config -a reload --signDir /tmp/jaeles-signatures


Scan Usage example:
  jaeles scan -s <signature> -u <url>
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s <signature> -U <list_urls> -L <level-of-signatures>
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s <signature> -U <list_urls>
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s <signature> -U <list_urls> -p 'dest=xxx.burpcollaborator.net'
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s <signature> -U <list_urls> -f 'noti_slack "{{.vulnInfo}}"'
  jaeles scan -v -c 50 -s <signature> -U list_target.txt -o /tmp/output
  jaeles scan -s <signature> -s <another-selector> -u http://example.com
  jaeles scan -G -s <signature> -s <another-selector> -x <exclude-selector> -u http://example.com
  cat list_target.txt | jaeles scan -c 100 -s <signature>

  jaeles scan -s 'jira' -s 'ruby' -u target.com
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s 'java' -x 'tomcat' -U list_of_urls.txt
  jaeles scan -G -c 50 -s '/tmp/custom-signature/.*' -U list_of_urls.txt
  jaeles scan -v -s '~/my-signatures/products/wordpress/.*' -u 'https://wp.example.com/blog/' -p 'root=[[.URL]]'
  cat urls.txt | grep 'interesting' | jaeles scan -c 50 -s /tmp/jaeles-signatures/cves/sample.yaml -U list_of_urls.txt --proxy

Structure of the Repo

Jaeles look for signature as a single file so you can structure it as whatever you want. This is just an example.

Page Description
common Implement misconfiguration for some popular apps
cves Implement some CVE
sensitvie Some common path with sensitive information
probe Used for detect some technology used by the target
passives Used for passive detection
fuzz Some common case for fuzz mode (I know a lot of false positive here)

Note for using Fuzz signatures

Fuzz signatures may have many false positive because I can't defined exactly what is vulnerable for everything. So make sure you gotta know what are you doing here.


apache-status.png Apache Server Status tableau-dom-xss.png Tableau DOM XSS CVE-2019-19719
rabbitmq-cred.png RabbitMQ Default Credentials jenkins-xss.png Jenkins XSS CVE-2020-2096

More showcase can be found here

Featured signatures

├── aircontrol-rce.yaml
├── citrix-lfi.yaml
├── citrix-rce.yaml
├── citrix-sharefile-exposed.yaml
├── graphql-playround-xss.yaml
├── harboar-cve-2019-16097.yaml
├── iplanet-disclosure.yaml
├── jenkins-audit-xss.yaml
├── jenkins-gitlab-xss.yaml
├── jenkins-subversion-xss.yaml
├── jenkins-xss.yaml
├── jira-lfi.yaml
├── jira-ssrf.yaml
├── joomla-lfi-comfabrik.yaml
├── joomla-sqli-hdwplayer.yaml
├── kong-cve-2020-11710\ copy.yaml
├── kong-cve-2020-11710.yaml
├── nextjs-disclosure.yaml
├── nexus-cve-2019-7238.yaml
├── openproject-sqli.yaml
├── php7-rce.yaml
├── pulse-vpn-lfi.yaml
├── rails-cve-2018-3760.yaml
├── rails-cve-2019-5418.yaml
├── solr-rce.yaml
├── splunk-license.yaml
├── spring-cve-2020-5405.yaml
├── spring-lfi.yaml
├── tomcat-jkstatus.yaml
├── tomcat-open-redirect.yaml
├── tomcat-put-method.yaml
├── vbulletin-sqli.yaml
├── wordpress-lfi.yaml
└── zimbra-xxe.yaml
├── directory-listing.yaml
├── docker-api.yaml
├── docker-unauth.yaml
├── go-pprof-exposed.yaml
├── hadoop-unauth.yaml
├── iis-directory-listing.yaml
├── joomla-host-injection.yaml
├── nginx-vhost-xss.yaml
├── phpdebug.yaml
├── rocketmq-console.yaml
├── route-bypass.yaml
├── service-desk-signup.yaml
├── sonarqube-cred.yaml
├── spark-unauth.yaml
├── spring-probe.yaml
├── subdomain-takeover.yaml
├── unauthen-elastic.yaml
├── unauthen-kibana.yaml
├── wordpress-directory-listing.yaml
├── wordpress-misconfig.yaml
└── zabbix-console.yaml
├── dot-secret.yaml
├── gitleak.yaml
├── log-secret.yaml
├── secret-path.yaml
└── stas.yaml

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Jaeles is made with by @j3ssiejjj and it is released under the MIT license.



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Default signature for Jaeles Scanner