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Lightweight Spotify client using Qt

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spotify-qt with breeze dark

A Spotify client using Qt as a simpler, lighter alternative to the official client, inspired by spotify-tui. Much like spotify-tui, you need an actual Spotify client running, for example spotifyd, which can be configured from within the app. Also like other clients, controlling music playback requires Spotify Premium.

Currently mostly stable. Most things should work, but don't be surprised when unexpected things happen, but please open an issue about it. It's also currently only available through AUR. Feel free to add it to any other package manager, but if you do, open a pull request or an issue so I can add it to a list.

Check out the QML branch if you're interested in a Qt Quick UI.

Supported platforms

Tested: Linux, Windows

Supported: macOS, *BSD, Haiku, any platform officially supported by Qt5


Make sure you have Qt (5.12+), CMake (3.5+) and various build tools like make, g++ and git.

git clone
cd spotify-qt
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Known issues:

  • Most network requests are done on the main thread.
  • D-Bus media controller is buggy (see issue #4).
  • "Made for you" is missing in library.


Lightweight Spotify client using Qt

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:C++ 99.2%Language:CMake 0.8%