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A simple no frills period tracker for android

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log28 - a simple no-frills period tracker for Android

Database Information

log28 uses realm as it's database. There are 3 "tables"

Category - these are the categories of symptoms. They have a name and boolean for whether they are active. Symptom - symptoms belong to categories and have names. DayData - represents the data for a single day. These objects have a list of symptoms that have been recorded that day.

Models and import/export code are located in Database.kt, Queries are located in Queries.kt


There are four main views (tabs) in log28, as well as the App into screens and settings

  • Cycle Overview - overview showing when the next period will be
  • Day View - allows a user to view and edit data for any day
  • Calendar View - shows period info on a calendar
  • Cycle History - Shows the previous cycle start date and lengths in a list
  • Settings - settings for the app, note that there is a separate activity for enabling and disabling individual tracking options. There is also a custom adapter used to store the cycle information in the Realm database instead of the default preference storage.


A simple no frills period tracker for android

License:GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0


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