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Reveal: A jQuery Plugin For Modals

Reveal is a jQuery plugin for dead simple modals that comes with some sexy base CSS and can be implemented programatically or with the new HTML5 custom data attributes (data-attribute).

Note: This version of Reveal has been deprecated and will no longer be developed or supported. For the most recent code, check out the responsive version of Reveal included in Foundation, our rapid prototyping and production framework.

Download & Documentation

All of the docs and the download link are on a playground page here: http://www.zurb.com/playground/reveal-modal-plugin

Feature Request List

Below are the features that have been requested or that we have seen an opportunity for and are going to try to tackle in future iterations of the plugin (in no particular order). These will, if implemented, be added to the plugin as part of Foundation.

  • Callable method for closing a modal
  • Have close button close "all active modals" (if multiple modals are somehow surfaced)
  • Keyboard close with esc key
  • Document easy way to AJAX modal content
  • Add lightbox feature to make it easy to hookup custom data attributes to a lightbox functionality
  • Fix IE background to have opacity