pcout / custom-html5-video

A custom HTML5 video player built with JavaScript

Home Page:https://freshman.tech/custom-html5-video/

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Custom HTML5 Video

Build a custom HTML5 video player with JavaScript. Features:

  • Video and audio playback
  • Native fullscreen
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Custom controls
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Tutorial: https://freshman.tech/custom-html5-video/

Live demo

This project is live at http://custom-html5-video.surge.sh/


You must have Node.js and npm installed on your machine. This project was built against the following versions:

  • Node v12.6.0
  • npm v6.9.0


  • Clone this repo to your machine
  • cd into the project folder and run npm install
  • Run npm start


A custom HTML5 video player built with JavaScript


License:MIT License


Language:JavaScript 48.1%Language:HTML 26.3%Language:CSS 25.6%