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A telegram bot for tech telegram groups

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16x Engineer Bot

A telegram bot designed for tech telegram groups.

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1. Define technical terms

Send a message with !bot prefix, eg. !bot TC

Define technical terms

2. Reminder for using English

Reminder for using English

3. Leetcode Daily Challenge Response (by MrMarciaOng)

Send a screenshot with caption containing "#LCYYYYMMDD", eg. #LC20221107

Leetcode Daily Challenge Response

4. Leetcode Daily Challenge Reminder (by Ashton)

Leetcode Daily Challenge Reminder

5. Proxy for Din Bot

Proxy for Din Bot

Using the bot

1. Use bot in a group chat

  1. Add 16x Engineer Bot to your group chat.
  2. Add the bot as an administrator (no special permissions needed).
  3. Send a message in the chat, eg. !bot TC to verify it is working.

Add the bot as an administrator

2. Chat with bot directly

Search for 16x Engineer Bot on Telegram and chat with it privately.

Running the bot (Create your own bot)


$ TELEGRAM_TOKEN=XXX node index.js


$ TELEGRAM_TOKEN=XXX pm2 start index.js

with pgsql

$ PGUSER=dbuser \ \
  PGPASSWORD=secretpassword \
  TELEGRAM_TOKEN=XXX pm2 start index.js


PRs welcomed!


A telegram bot for tech telegram groups


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