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Open source core of Synergy, the keyboard and mouse sharing tool

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Synergy Core

This is the open source core component of Synergy, a keyboard and mouse sharing tool.

We're hiring! Join the Synergy Team (Node.js, React, C++)

News: Visit the Symless blog for updates


Things most people will need.

  • Download - Get the compiled version of Synergy 1 or Synergy 2.
  • Contact Support - Open a support ticket and talk directly to the Synergy team.
  • Help Guides - Self-help guides and information for when you don't want to talk to people.
  • Join us on Slack - Talk to other Synergy users in real time using instant messaging.
  • Symless Forums - Discuss Synergy issues on the Symless Forums.
  • Symless Blog - Find out what's happening at Symless and with Synergy development.

Advanced Users

Not for the faint hearted. Only use these if you know what you're doing.

  • Getting Started - How to checkout the code from git and use the right branch.
  • Compiling - Instructions on how to compile Synergy Core from source.
  • Translations - If you want to submit translations to the Synergy Core.
  • Text Config - Write a text config file when running Synergy Core manually.
  • Command Line - Go full manual and run Synergy Core from the command line.


Open source core of Synergy, the keyboard and mouse sharing tool



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