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Python viewer for OpenStreetMap data

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OSM Map Viewer

This is a Python viewer for OpenStreetMap data made as part of a school project.

Requires Numpy and Pillow>=6.1.

To run, you must first collect all source files into a single directory, or add all source directories to PYTHONPATH. You can use to simplify this process (select the only file in each column and tick all check-boxes, then click on save). Once this is done, run, making sure the current working directory is the project root (otherwise you will get font not found errors). The project includes run configurations for PyCharm with a preconfigured PYTHONPATH.


This project was made without any thought given to publishing it publicly, so the license situation is a bit complicated. Not all files were authored by me (although I comitted them). In general, all Python files, except and all test_*.py files, were written by me, and are available under the terms of the Apache License 2.0, included in the LICENSE file.

Font files in fonts/* were obtained from their respective authors, and are bound by their respective terms.

Map data was obtained by exporting from OpenStreetMap and are available under the OpenStreetMap terms of use.

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Python viewer for OpenStreetMap data



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