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Docker images for ci testing

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Docker Images for the Pillow Test Infrastructure

Docker images

Getting Started

The makefiles rely on being logged into to Docker Hub to properly scope the image tag.

git clone
cd docker-images
git submodule init
git submodule update
# update all the base images
make update
# build all of the test images
make build
# build and run the test suite on all the images
make test
# Push to Docker Hub
make push

Building Individual Environments

All the makefile commands work in the individual directories.

cd alpine && make update && make && make test

If a shell would be useful in the environment, make shell will start the container with bash.

Adding New Environments

  • Make a new directory for the platform
  • ln -s ../Makefile.sub Makefile
  • Write a simple update script to install the original image.
  • Write/customize a Docker file. The convention is that the Pillow directory will be mounted at /Pillow, and the test script will run as the pillow user. Sudo is not available at test time.

Update Pillow

To push an update of Pillow to this repository, run ./ [[release tag]]


Docker images for ci testing


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