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The Python programming language

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Python 2

This is a fork of Python 2 that uses 64-bit PyInt (sys.maxint == sys.maxsize == 2**63-1) and can be built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.


The Python programming language



Language:Python 51.8%Language:C 37.0%Language:Objective-C 4.5%Language:Assembly 1.3%Language:C++ 1.0%Language:Shell 1.0%Language:Makefile 0.8%Language:TeX 0.7%Language:Roff 0.5%Language:M4 0.5%Language:HTML 0.5%Language:Batchfile 0.1%Language:DIGITAL Command Language 0.1%Language:PLSQL 0.1%Language:Inno Setup 0.0%Language:Rich Text Format 0.0%Language:Vim Script 0.0%Language:VBScript 0.0%