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Feature Request: Note Versioning/History

RavetcoFX opened this issue · comments

Keeping a history of note edits would be amazing, possibly configurable for amount of time it keeps the versions

I have plans to do.
But I’m not sure if I should create the version automatically or manually. Any ideas?

Do you mean automatically with an S3 API or manually on the Notea server side?

All on the Notea server. Because S3 version backup is not applicable to notes (notes are updated every time the user enters).

I mean is whether the client periodically requests to create a version or the user clicks a button to create a version.

Ah, I would say automatic is the best then.

Automatic backup whenever you make a change is great. If you later realise you made a mistake, you can go back to fix it.

Wordpress posts versions mechanisms maybe the easy way, save post as new version every time when users save or publish