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When using outside of network, Images not working

diamkil opened this issue · comments

a bit of investigation got me to the /api/file/... url which actually return the local minio url instead of the Image.. this should be fixed

You should allow external networks to access your MinIO.
Access to api/file will redirect to the file signature URL of MinIO.

I don't think it should be that way. All my databases like MySQL, InfluxDB are local only and I put MinIO the same way. If this would be fixed it would be even more awesome

First of all, this is not a bug. Binary files such as images are usually stored on the hard disk of the server or S3. It is common practice to return the url of the file on the backend.

Secondly, if the server returns pictures, there are some disadvantages.

  1. The file will be read twice(Minio to server, server to client), halving the efficiency
  2. It will take up memory when reading files, and crash if there are too many requests at the same time

I can add an environment variable about reading files internally, if you still insist.

Would love to have the option. Your arguments are right but I personally will be using the other way