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Needs some kind of improved progress indicator

uchobby opened this issue · comments

I have used a prior version named nodemcu_flasher with success, it had a progress bar that seemed to work fine.

Today, with the latest version, with a new name, for some reason... I don't see a progress bar, have been watching the little icon thing turning slowly as can see serial traffic is occurring but no progress. Its not done, so maybe something strange is going on. Has been 10 minutes of TX and RX LED flashing with no indication of progress...

The flash did work, after some amount of time, not sure how long, I left it alone.

Progress Bar not functional.

After starting Log shows ...
Note:Detect serial port changed.
Note:Auto MAP serial port.Port-->COM5

Note:Serial port connected.
Note:Begin find ESP8266.
Note:ESP8266 ACK success.

No indication of progress. The little Nodemcu Team icon in the lower left is turning slowly.

A user at this point is bound to give up and interrupt the process, thinking it's crashed. I've been watching it for 15 minutes assuming it's going to work as the previous try also showed no progress indicator.

Mine was getting stuck at Note: Being find ESP8266. but it looks like it might have just been a bad chip? Swapped it out for another and the log is reporting Note:Program flash success. now.

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