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Mac support

erikkaplun opened this issue · comments

Can't say Macs are common in the DIY landscape (maybe they are maybe no, I don't know) but I'm on one so I'm opening this ticket to propose adding OS X support, in addition to Windows, and the already I guess planned Linux support.

Is this something one could hope for? Or completely out of the scope of this project?

The README has been saying

We are working on next version and will use QT framework. It will be cross platform and open source.

for nearly a year now 😉. So, no, not completely out of the scope.

Aha, that's both good and slightly bad news at the same time, but more good I think :)


Macs are pretty common out here. Count this as one more vote for bumping priority on mac support.

Macs are actually good hacker platforms in many ways better than Win. It is UNIX underneath so all sorts of open source stuff works on it. It natively supports connecting to DCE/DTEs (via 'screen') really easy.

So I second the supporting of Mac... Where is the Qt version?

Did anyone try to use some Pascal for OSX (if such a thing exists)?

I for myself don't miss the OS X support as I use (on Mac). Side note: on I see 68% Win, 13% Linux and 12% OS X.

Yep, I look forward to the firmware dev branch being merged back to master because we've got much better documentation now:


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Any news about the OS X support

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