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A development kit for NodeMCU firmware

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MishraShivendra opened this issue · comments

Lots of reasons. Sometimes it's for comparison to make sure you using the same device and not a knockoff. It might be someone is interested in one and stumbled across this and didn't know what one looked like. I always have these type pics around for better clarity of pinouts. Regardless of the reason I'd rather have too much information than not enough.

I wish If there would be a better documentation about dev-kit. Something like detailed data-sheet(in English). If one has dev-kit; probably he can see it in his hands and might not like to refer that picture. (Just a suggestion-Never mind)

I tend to agree there. I've depended on pinout, Wiki pages, and general information on ESP8266 to get what I needed.
Then I usually refer to the datasheets for the ESP8266. It would be nice to compile that as it relates to the NodeMCU.

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