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Flashing the firmware with Win 10

roccomuso opened this issue · comments

How can I flash firmware on the devkit from Windows 10? Do i need to install any drivers? The board seems to be recognized (I'm trying to use the NodeMcu Flasher and it recognizes the device on the COM5 port). After hitting the Flash (F) button a blue led blink on the board, but the progress bar stays at 0%.

My board version is v1.0 (i guess, i bought it from china seller...)
Do i need to put the A0 to GND? or push the reset button?
Can someone describe me the whole procedure?

For some strange reason flashing does't work.

Did you figure it out ?

@sokeeffe10 Yeah i had a defective board.

Just what I didn't want to hear, I may have the same, thanks

@sokeeffe10 don't worry too much, at the end i've recovered that board. Sometimes, you just need to avoid the soldered header, and connect the wires directly to the esp-8266 chip soldered on the nodemcu board. In my case this seems to be the problem. You can check it out through a tester and verify that the esp8266 module is well sodlered on the nodemcu board.

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