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CH340G driver support for OS X

marcoskirsch opened this issue · comments

I really would like to buy and use NodeMCU, but one problem I have with it is its use of CH340G for USB to serial. It's not so much the part, but the lack of signed drivers for OS X. I understand that there are unsigned drivers for it, but it's unreasonable to ask OS X users to turn off checks.

Option 1: Is it possible to make signed drivers available?

Option 2: Use a different chip for USB to serial. Apple provides drivers for Prolific the prolific chipset built in with the OS X. This would be best since clients wouldn't even need to install drivers.

Our new version devkit 1.0 uses CP2102 and can used in OSX, and comming.

That's great, I suppose you can close this then, but the schematic is outdated.
I don't want to hijack this thread but: when will it be available and what will be the best way to purchase in the US?

What about devkit 0.9?

I hate to link to a commercial product, but - ~$7.50 for signed drivers. Given how cheap the 0.9 devkit is right now, I figured I'd try it.

They work for me as far as AT commands and the LUA REPL, however, I can't flash: some details at espressif/esptool#26 - looks like there are other issues with 0.9, so I'd avoid it.

Hi all, to fix this bug, we need your help.
The vendor of CH340G is WCH, we have contact them but they do not pay attention.
I think if more and more people feedback this problem, they will give us signed drivers for OS X.
Please send this issue about CH340G drivers for OS X to, help us fix it.
Our new version is released, and using CP2102 have signed drivers for OS X.

Our new version is released, and using CP2102 have signed drivers for OS X.

@vowstar I've just bought devkit v1.0 – where do I find the drivers? There are some over the Internet, but I wanna be sure I use the correct one…

The SiLabs drivers are the right ones for NodeMCU devkit 1.0 and work out of the box on Yosemite. I have not been able to flash the firmware of the device though, and I don't know if that's due to the drivers.

@marcoskirsch connect a serial terminal at 74880 baud and then try to put your device in flash mode; per you want boot mode (1,7) - anything else indicates an issue with your wiring or your power supply.

Thanks @abl. In the interest of not derailing the conversation on the original issue, I opened a separate one: nodemcu/nodemcu-devkit-v1.0#3

I found these links where I only had to install the latest Arduino IDE from its website and then the drivers from either Github or the manufacturer’s website

The links were suggested on this thread

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