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How to install ch341 driver in latest kernel 4.4.x

skyrocknroll opened this issue · comments

clone and follow the instructions mentioned there



I just encounter a problem following the instruction in the above link:

aging:/myspace/workspace/ch341/CH341SER_LINUX$ sudo make load
modprobe usbserial
insmod ch34x.ko
insmod: ERROR: could not insert module ch34x.ko: Required key not available
Makefile:9: recipe for target 'load' failed
make: *** [load] Error 1

After make, I will fails to load the module.

Please suggest how to fix


This disabling temporarily the UEFI mode worked for me:

i use ubuntu 17.04 and i met same question and i download the ch341x.c copy from here and i make successfully but lsusb could not find my nodemcu so strange


@skyrocknroll thank for you goodness but the driver verson here cannot make successfully on ubuntu 17.04 for the interrupt_sleep_on function has been removed in kenal version 3.15

Is anybody have solution for kernel 4.15?

@thetiana, did you get the driver?

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