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Gerber file latest version

manibenwa opened this issue · comments

Hai ,

We are developing Nodemcu board and this github has 4 gerber files related to the Nodemcu board
which one should i select or which is the latest version gerber file???

It is better to use the PCB source file, not gerber file. I think the latest gerber file is in master branch of this repo, but the most latest gerber file you'd better generate from PCB source file.

Thanks for replay,
Where are the PCB source files ?? I haven't found the PCB source files in link!!
Please help me....

This file is the PCB source file, please use Altium designer to open it.
All this project is open source and in this repo.

Thanks VOWSTAR for useful information

I found the BOM of this board in this link I need voltage rating of capacitor and wattage rating of resistors.could u tell me is there any possible way to get the ratings of this capacitors and resistors????

The parameters we actually use is

Designator Parameter
C1,C4,C6 100nF (104) ±10% 16V
C2 100uF(107) ±10% 6.3V Case B 3528
C3,C5,C8 10uF(106) ±20% 10V
C7 10uF(106) ±10% 25V
D1 SOD-123 40V,1A,VF=0.45V@1A
LED1 1.6x0.8x0.6 Iv= 35~65mcd @if=5mA ESD:1000V
R1,R2,R3,R4,R5,R7,R8 12KΩ (1202) ±1% 0.0625W [50V TYP] [100V MAX] T.C.R ±100
R6,R9,R11,R12 470Ω (4700) ±1% 0.0625W [50V TYP] [100V MAX] T.C.R ±100
R10(Do not install) 0Ω (0R00) ±1% 0.0625W [50V TYP] [100V MAX] T.C.R ±100
R13 220kΩ (2203) ±1% 0.0625W [50V TYP] [100V MAX] T.C.R ±100
R14 100kΩ (1003) ±1% 0.0625W [50V TYP] [100V MAX] T.C.R ±100

Thanks vowstar.
if u have part numbers it is really help for me.

does nodemcu have next version??if their send me some information ..

@manibenwa I'm taking part in the design of an AI chip, next open hardware project may be something about AI chip.

Hai vowstar,
Iam using NodeMCU DEVKIT V1.0.
I would like to power the nodemcu board without usb. I want power up the board with battery
(5v or 12v).is vin pin is used to power the board with external battery ??

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