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c++ file system on linux

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a simple file system is based on ext and using c++.It is comfortable for linux.

filesystem-1.0.tar.gz is the better version of all.I write a simple makefile in it just for compiling easily.

Fn directory filesytem

the architecture of this file system is like the following picture. But it lack group descriptors and Reserved GDT block.

the tree of filesystem.

if you want to run the whole project 'compile and create file',just input make.

if you want to run file simply,just input make run.

if you want to delete file,just input make clean.

if you want to find back the usename and password of your file system,just input make accountback

The function of file system

help --- show help menu

clear --- clear the screen

ls --- list the digest of the directory's children

ls -l --- list the detail of the directory's children

cd --- change directory

mkdir --- make directory

touch --- create a new file

cat --- read a file

write --- write something to a file

rm --- delete a directory or a file

mv --- rename a file or directory

chmod --- change the authorizatinon of a directory or a file


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c++ file system on linux