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Docker-compatible CLI for containerd

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nerdctl: Docker-compatible CLI for containerd

nerdctl is a Docker-compatible CLI for containerd.



To run a container with the default CNI network (

# nerdctl run -it --rm alpine

To build an image using BuildKit:

# nerdctl build -t foo .
# nerdctl run -it --rm foo

To list Docker containers:

# nerdctl --namespace moby ps -a

To list Kubernetes containers:

# nerdctl --namespace ps -a


Binaries are available for amd64, arm64, and arm-v7:

In addition to containerd, the following components should be installed (optional):

  • CNI plugins: for internet connectivity.
  • BuildKit: for using nerdctl build. BuildKit daemon (buildkitd) needs to be running.


The goal of nerdctl is to facilitate experimenting the cutting-edge features of containerd that are not present in Docker.

Such features includes, but not limited to, lazy-pulling and encryption of images.

Also, nerdctl might be potentially useful for debugging Kubernetes clusters, but it is not the primary goal.

Similar tools

  • ctr: incompatible with Docker, and not friendly to users
  • crictl: incompatible with Docker, not friendly to users, and does not support non-CRI features
  • k3c: needs an extra daemon, and does not support non-CRI features
  • PouchContainer: needs an extra daemon

Implementation status of Docker-compatible commands and flags


  • nerdctl run
    • -i
    • -t (WIP: currently -t requires -i, and conflicts with -d)
    • -d
    • --restart=(no|always)
    • --rm
    • --network=(bridge|host|none)
    • -p, --publish
    • --dns
    • -h, --hostname
    • --pull=(always|missing|never)
    • --cpus
    • --memory
    • --pids-limit
    • --cgroupns=(host|private)
    • -u, --user
    • --security-opt seccomp
    • --security-opt apparmor
    • --security-opt no-new-privileges
    • --privileged
    • --runtime
    • -v, --volume
    • --read-only
    • -w, --workdir
    • -e, --env

Container management:

  • nerdctl ps

    • -a, --all: Show all containers (default shows just running)
    • --no-trunc: Don't truncate output
    • -q, --quiet: Only display container IDs
  • nerdctl logs

  • nerdctl rm

    • -f
  • nerdctl stop

  • nerdctl pause

  • nerdctl unpause


  • nerdctl build
    • -t, --tag
    • -f, --file
    • --target
    • --build-arg
    • --no-cache
    • --progress
    • --secret
    • --ssh

Image management:

  • nerdctl images

    • -q, --quiet: Only show numeric IDs
    • --no-trunc: Don't truncate output
  • nerdctl pull

  • nerdctl load

  • nerdctl save

  • nerdctl tag

  • nerdctl rmi


  • nerdctl info

  • nerdctl version

Lots of commands and flags are currently missing. Pull requests are highly welcome.

Features present in nerdctl but not present in Docker

  • Namespacing as in kubectl --namespace=<NS>: nerdctl --namespace=<NS> ps
  • Lazy-pulling using Stargz Snapshotter: nerdctl --snapshotter=stargz run
  • Exporting Docker/OCI dual-format archives: nerdctl save
  • Importing OCI archives: nerdctl load

Features ported from Podman:

  • Specifying a non-image rootfs: nerdctl run -it --rootfs <ROOTFS> /bin/sh

Compiling nerdctl from source

Run make && sudo make install.

Using go get is possible, but unrecommended because it does not fill version strings printed in nerdctl version

Contributing to nerdctl

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Docker-compatible CLI for containerd

License:Apache License 2.0


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