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Kubernetes Connection Manager CLI

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kconnect - The Kubernetes Connection Manager CLI

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What is kconnect?

kconnect is a CLI utility that can be used to discover and securely access Kubernetes clusters across multiple operating environments.

Based on the authentication mechanism chosen the CLI will discover Kubernetes clusters you are allowed to access in a target hosting environment (i.e. EKS, AKS, Rancher) and generate a kubeconfig for a chosen cluster.

Currently supported platforms: EKS, AKS (with Rancher coming soon)

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  • Authenticate using SAML or Azure Active Directory
  • Discover EKS & AKS clusters
  • Generate a kubeconfig for a cluster
  • Query history of connected servers
  • Regenerate the kubeconfig from your history by using an id or an alias
  • Import defaults values for your company


For installation, getting started and other documentation head over to the projects documentation site or look in the /docs directory.


Contributions are very welcome. Please read the contributing guide or see the docs.


For the SAML identity provider we rely heavily on the saml2aws project by Versent. For the Azure AD provider we have taken inspiration from the Microsoft Authentication Library for Go and have directly used their wstrust package (see pkg/azure/wstrust).

Thanks to both these projects for making the implementation easier.

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Kubernetes Connection Manager CLI

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