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Modal / Dialog for Angular

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ngx-modialog (previously angular2-modal)

This project is looking for a new maintainer, see #414 for details.

ngx-modialog version 5.x.x works with angular 5.x.x


Version 4.x.x contains some breaking changes, please see the CHANGELOG

Library has been renamed from version 3.0.2

Modal / Dialog implementation for angular.

  • Easy to use API via Fluent API Presets (alert, prompt, confirm)
  • Can render Component's, TemplateRef's and literal string
  • Extendable via plugins.
  • Easy to use
    .title('Hello World')
    .body('In Angular')

Available plugins:


npm install ngx-modialog

Basic plunker playground (bootstrap plugin):

ngx-modialog @ 4.x.x

ngx-modialog @ 3.x.x

Quick start

In your application root module definition add ModalModule and the plugin you want to use:

We will use the bootstrap plugin (BootstrapModalModule) for this introduction.

import { ModalModule } from 'ngx-modialog';
import { BootstrapModalModule } from 'ngx-modialog/plugins/bootstrap';

// lots of code...

  bootstrap: [ /* ... */ ],
  declarations: [ /* ... */ ],
  imports: [
    /* ... */
export class AppModule { /* lots of code... */ }

In any angular component or service inject the Modal service and open a modal:

import { Component, ViewContainerRef } from '@angular/core';
import { Overlay } from 'ngx-modialog';
import { Modal } from 'ngx-modialog/plugins/bootstrap';

  selector: 'my-app',
  template: `<button (click)="onClick()">Alert</button>`
export class AppComponent {
  constructor(public modal: Modal) { }

  onClick() {
    const dialogRef = this.modal.alert()
        .title('A simple Alert style modal window')
            <h4>Alert is a classic (title/body/footer) 1 button modal window that 
            does not block.</h4>
                <li>Non blocking (click anywhere outside to dismiss)</li>
                <li>Size large</li>
                <li>Dismissed with default keyboard key (ESC)</li>
                <li>Close wth button click</li>
                <li>HTML content</li>

        .then( result => alert(`The result is: ${result}`) );

If you are using ngx-modialog version 3.X.X or below, open() returned a promise so replace the last 2 lines with:

       .then( dialogRef => {
           dialogRef.result.then( result => alert(`The result is: ${result}`);

We are using the alert() method, one of 3 (prompt, confirm)) fluent-api methods we call drop-ins

We then use the result property to wait for the modal closing event.


  • Fluent API methods (drop-ins) are pre-configured (presets) methods that allow easy configuration and execution, you can create custom presets - see the demo application.
  • For more control use the open() method, which is used by all drop in's internally.
  • We import the Modal service from the plugin and not from the root library. Import from the root should work but being explicit allow using multiple plugins.

Demo App

The Demo application is a full implementation of the library with the native plugins.

View it at

The demo application is part of this repository and it is a great place to learn by example.

Bootstrap / VEX features:

  • Customizable with components, Presets and more...
  • Select cancel/quit key.
  • Cascading modals.
  • Element blocking.
  • Blocking / Non blocking modal.
  • Modal as a component, replace the content by supplying a custom component.

The demo application comes with a dynamic modal generator for the Boostrap plugin


Plugins serve as a concrete UI implementation for a modal.

It can be an implementation for a known library (e.g: bootstrap) or something completely unique

While ngx-modialog has some built in plugins it is also possible to use external plugins from NPM, if someone decide to build one.

Built a plugin? I would love to know :)

Known bugs

The dialog closes when removing the target DOM element in a click event

ref issue#111

To avoid this problem use event.stopPropagation(); or put the element removal inside a setTimeout call


As a sole author I find it difficult to maintain multiple open source projects. As a result it is hard for me to replay rapidly to requests/help/etc...

If you would like to contribute, please contact me, the community will thank you.

You can contribute via:

  • Implementing features & Bug fixes
  • Documentation (Extremely important)
  • Issue management

Thank you!



Modal / Dialog for Angular

License:MIT License


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