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Dictionary completion

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VSCode Dictionary Completion

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Dictionary completion allows user to get a list of keywords, based off of the current word at the cursor.

This is useful if you are typing a long word (e.g. acknowledgeable) and don't want to finish typing or don't remember the spelling

— adapted from vim wikia




programming language

  • NOTE: As of VSCode v1.10.0, quick suggestions for Markdown is disabled by default. To enable it, put

    "[markdown]": {
        "editor.quickSuggestions": true

    into your settings.json.

  • To enable completion for programming languages (e.g. Python/JS/TS), be sure to use this setting

    "editor.quickSuggestions": {
        "other": true,
        "comments": true, // !!!
        "strings": true   // !!!

    You can also use language specific ones like [markdown] above.

  • Code Spell compatible. Words in cSpell.userWords and cSpell.words are included in the suggestion.

  • Hunspell format compatible.


Completion: Open User Dictionary


Name Default Description
dictCompletion.leastNumOfChars 0 Only show completion list until typing N characters
dictCompletion.useExternalUserDictFile true When set to false, load custom words from userDictionary in the VSCode user settings
dictCompletion.externalUserDictFiles [] A list of paths to dictionary files
dictCompletion.userDictionary [] User wordlist (should be an array of string) if useExternalUserDictFile is false
dictCompletion.programmingLanguage true Whether to enable dictionary completion in string and comment of common programming languages


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