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This is a parser for cascading style sheets.  The grammar rules and actions are are stated in css.peg.
That is converted into parser.lisp using metapeg[2].

This is an ASDF system.  In fact you must load it that way.

  CL-USER> (in-package "CSS-PARSER")
  #<Package "CSS-PARSER">
  CSS-PARSER> (parse-string "DIV.example>LI{color:#333}")
  (STYLESHEET (CSS-RULE (CHILD (PATH (ELEMENT "DIV") (CLASS "example")) (ELEMENT "LI")) -> ("color" (COLOR "333"))))

If you load fiveAM[3] prior to loading this then a bit-o-testing code will be included; which you can
run as so:

  CSS-PARSER> (run! 'css-parser)
   Did 22 checks.
     Pass: 22 (100%)
     Skip: 0 ( 0%)
     Fail: 0 ( 0%)


Those tests are in tests.lisp and provide examples.

[1] A PEG parser is a recursive decent parser with memoization mixed in so the performance
remains linear.

[2] See <>, though I'm actually using <>


common lisp, peg, css parser


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