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Next generation frontend tooling. It's fast!

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Next Generation Frontend Tooling

  • 💡 Instant Server Start
  • ⚡️ Lightning Fast HMR
  • 🛠️ Rich Features
  • 📦 Optimized Build
  • 🔩 Universal Plugin Interface
  • 🔑 Fully Typed APIs

Vite (French word for "quick", pronounced /vit/, like "veet") is a new breed of frontend build tool that significantly improves the frontend development experience. It consists of two major parts:

In addition, Vite is highly extensible via its Plugin API and JavaScript API with full typing support.

Read the Docs to Learn More.

Migrating from 1.x

Check out the Migration Guide if you are upgrading from 1.x.


Package Version (click for changelogs)
vite vite version
@vitejs/plugin-vue plugin-vue version
@vitejs/plugin-vue-jsx plugin-vue-jsx version
@vitejs/plugin-react plugin-react version
@vitejs/plugin-legacy plugin-legacy version
create-vite create-vite version


See Contributing Guide.



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Next generation frontend tooling. It's fast!

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