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Node.js DOM performance benchmarks

⚠️ This is a cheap test! My usecase was parsing a unique document once, and running a query selector once. This is very different from parsing a document once, and running many, many queries on it.


  1. Parse a long document (the homepage, © GitHub)
  2. Query for a specific element, using whatever the parser has available
  3. Repeat 999×


Package Result Comparison
hypertag 1.48s
fast-html-parser 1.63s 10% slower
htmlparser2 3.69s 149% slower
node-html-parser 5.24s 254% slower
sax-wasm* 10.82s 631% slower
cheerio 22.48s 1419% slower
fast-html-dom-parser 94.48s 6284% slower
jsdom** ???

*I know what you’re thinking—“why is WASM slower?” Like I said, my methodology here was parsing a document 1,000×. WASM has a very expensive startup cost that JS doesn’t. I’m sure that once it’s loaded, it would run circles around everything else. So take these benchmarks with a grain of salt if you’re reusing the same document and not throwing it away each time like I was doing.

** jsdom ran out of memory after taking at least 30 seconds. I didn’t get to benchmark it, but that told me all I needed to know (dunno what run it was on either).

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