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A static web application developed for the MITH website

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MITH (Static) Website

This is the Gatsby static site for It builds pages based on data stored in several Airtable bases.


Pushing to GitHub will trigger an automated GitHub action that builds the staging site at:


There is also an scheduled cron job which will deploy tagged releases that have been added to the Releases Airtable table. This job is contained here in the npm run release command, and is setup using the Ansible playbook in mith-ansible.


To build the site you will need to install a few things:

  • Node: a JavaScript programming environment
  • Git: version control software

Then you will need to get this repository:

git clone

Then you need to install some of the site dependencies:

cd mith-static
npm install

You will need to configure your environment so that you can fetch data from the MITH Airtable:

cp .env-template .env

Ask a MITH team member for the correct values to add to your .env file.

Now you are ready to start the development server:

npm run develop
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A static web application developed for the MITH website

License:BSD Zero Clause License


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