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Do more with less JavaScript. Microsite is a smarter, performance-obsessed static site generator powered by Preact and Snowpack.

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Any chance you can push a release of the current state of `next`?

eyelidlessness opened this issue · comments

I’m currently working on a project setup with the 1.1.0-next.2 branch (for snowpack config support), but I’m running into some of the bugs you appear to have fixed in later commits (particularly base path and global/shared hydration emit). I tried using a git commit reference in my package but this being a monorepo it’s not that simple. I’ve also tried aliasing to workaround, but I’m ending up reimplementing a lot of the lib in the process.

As a thank you (just in general even if you’re not ready to push a release), I’m pretty close to a CSS-in-JS solution with Fela, including static CSS extraction, which I hope to offer as an example/plugin or even a PR into main if it’s something you’d want.

Thanks so much, I’m really looking forward to developing with microsite.

I published the current state of next as v1.1.0-next.3. The rest of the WIP v.1.1.0 changes are in #94, for reference. Custom snowpack.config.js is working but I'm still in the process of fixing up custom _document support and better SSR at dev time.

Thank you! I’ll take it out for a test drive tomorrow. If I can get my build working I’ll make everything I'm setting up a config in a template repo and shout out Microsite in my temp build (and write up the whole stack and config in my actual launch).

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