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Python and JavaScript bindings for calling the Earth Engine API.

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Google Earth Engine API

Python and JavaScript client libraries for calling the Google Earth Engine API.

Important Note: Access to Google Earth Engine is currently only available to registered users. The API is in active development, and users should expect the API to change. When (not if) API changes occur, applications that use the API will likely need to be updated.

Here's an example screenshot and the corresponding Code Editor JavaScript code:

Trendy Lights Image

// Compute the trend of night-time lights.

// Adds a band containing image date as years since 1991.
function createTimeBand(img) {
  var year = ee.Date(img.get('system:time_start')).get('year').subtract(1991);
  return ee.Image(year).byte().addBands(img);

// Map the time band creation helper over the night-time lights collection.
var collection = ee.ImageCollection('NOAA/DMSP-OLS/NIGHTTIME_LIGHTS')

// Compute a linear fit over the series of values at each pixel, visualizing
// the y-intercept in green, and positive/negative slopes as red/blue.
    {min: 0, max: [0.18, 20, -0.18], bands: ['scale', 'offset', 'scale']},
    'stable lights trend');


Python and JavaScript bindings for calling the Earth Engine API.

License:Apache License 2.0


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