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Go library for accessing the Librato API

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go-librato is a Go client library for accessing the Librato API.

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go-travis requires Go version 1.5 or later. It may work with earlier versions, but this is not supported and new functionality that breaks this will not be considered a breaking change.


import ""

Construct a new Librato client, then use the various services on the client to access different parts of the Librato API. For example, to list all spaces:

client := librato.NewClient("", "your-librato-token")
spaces, _, err := client.Spaces.List(nil)

Some API methods have optional parameters that can be passed. For example, to list spaces with names that match "foobar":

client := librato.NewClient("", "your-librato-token")
opt := &librato.SpaceListOptions{Name: "foobar"}
spaces, _, err := client.Spaces.List(opt)


You need to get an API token for the account you want to access Librato as before using the API. You can generate API tokens in your account settings. You then pass the email address of your account and the API token into the NewClient function:

client := librato.NewClient("your-email", "your-librato-token")


API methods will likely be implemented as they are needed, but the plan is to eventually have full coverage of the API, so contributions are always welcome.


This library is distributes under the MIT license found in the LICENSE file.


Go library for accessing the Librato API

License:MIT License


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