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Experiment with dlopen and MulleObjC

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This is an experiment to see how the global (variable) universe is handled when a shared library is opened with dlopen using various mode flags.

The shellscript run-load-two-universes runs through sixteen tests with different dlopen settings.

The results:

A RTLD_GLOBAL opened MulleObjC shared library will not coexist with another shared library which is opened after it. Unless that shared library is opened with RTLD_DEEPBIND.

Otherwise RTLD_LOCAL opened shared libraries have no problem.

Memo: A RTLD_GLOBAL shared library is identical to a RTLD_LOCAL, if no dlopen calls follow!


This is a mulle-sde project.

It has it's own virtual environment, that will be automatically setup for you once you enter it with:

mulle-sde MulleLoadTwoUniverses

Now you can let mulle-sde fetch the required dependencies and build the project for you:

mulle-sde craft


Experiment with dlopen and MulleObjC

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