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πŸ“Š A distant UIKit cousin using nanovg and glfw

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  • 26.2.2019: Improved SVG drawing with patched nanovg
  • 26.2.2019: Redid CALayer borderWidth and cornerRadius code
  • 12.2.2019: UIScrollView reacts to mouse scroll events, fixed clipping
  • 22.1.2019: UIButton now reacts to clicks and shows state, fixed colors and window drag
  • 15.1.2019: can now distribute mouse events to proper subviews


  • write layout engine
  • tesselate SVG beziers on load ?
  • handle events properly
  • animate
  • write more widgets


This is a mulle-sde project.

It has it's own virtual environment, that will be automatically setup for you once you enter it with:

mulle-sde MulleGLExample

Now you can let mulle-sde fetch the required dependencies and build the project for you:

mulle-sde craft


πŸ“Š A distant UIKit cousin using nanovg and glfw

License:BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License


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