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A simple barcode/qrcode scanner with qrcode generator

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Group Members (An -Nahlu MBT)

Name Matric No
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mohd Faudzy (Leader) 1623765
Muhammad Laziem Bin Shafie 1621781
Muhamad Amir Syafiq Bin Abd Hadi 1629953
Nik Ahmad Faiz Bin Mohd Fauzi 1623399
Asif Azamuddin Bin Mohd Jawali 1629405

1.0 Configuration

Run this for Android Configuration

 cd Barcode/
 npm install

2.0 Introduction

QR code is simply method that user can use to visit any particular websites without the need of typing the whole address. Mostly, businesses are using QR codes as a tool for marketing their company. QR code needs QR Scanner or QR Reader to utilize its functionality. There are a lot of QR codes application scanners with variety of features. Even though, there are a lot of QR scanners out there, they do not simply provide a simple and a good user experience. This particluar project is included QR Generator which very convenience for those who wants to create a QR Code.

3.0 Objective

  1. The main objective for the application is to help user utilizing the QR code simplicity.
  2. To create a simple and user friendly application.
  3. To help user to save / delete any url that user might want to use in future.
  4. To help user generate their own QR Code.

4.0 Features and Functionalities


  • Barcode/ QR Code Scanner
  • QR Code Generator
  • Authentication
  • Save History

API used

  • firebase
  • react-native-camera-kit
  • react-native-qrcode-svg


  • CRUD operation using firebase
  • Zoom out/in when using Scanner
  • Save generated QR Code
  • Saved History aligned with user account
  • Copy/Paste/Cut functionalities

5.0 Screen Navigation

  • API used for navigation

    1. React Navigation Stack
    2. Material Bottom Tab Navigator
  • Screen

    1. Splash Screen

    Splash Screen

    User will be prompted with splash screen when they open the application.

    1. Login Page

    Login Screen

    User can choose either they want to sign in or sign in as guest. If user does not have any account, they need to click to Sign Up button to be redirected to Sign Up page.

    Component used:

    • TextInput
    • ToucableOpacity

    1. Sign Up Page

    Sign Up Screen

    User will fill in their email and password in order to register. If user fill in with wrong password or email, an alert will popup. Upon Successfully registered, a popup will be prompt and user will be redirect to Login Page.

    Component used:

    • TextInput
    • TouchableOpacity

    1. Scanner Page

    Home Screen

    This is the Scanner Page or Home Page. If user want to scan any barcode , they just need to click on the Open QR Scanner and the camera page will be prompt.

    Component used:

    • TouchableOpacity

    1. QR Generator Page

    QR Generator Screen

    This is the QR Generator Page. User will fill with any link that they desired in the text field ,click the Generate QR Code button and an image of the QR will be generated.

    Component used:

    • Button
    • TextInput

    1. History List

    History Screen

    This is the History List Page. Every link that was scanned by the user will be saved in the history list. User can delete any link by holding the link and a popup message will pop.

    Component used:

    • Modal
    • Flatlist


    Profile Screen Guest Screen

    If user sign in as guest , the guest page will be prompt and if the user sign in, the profile will be prompt.

6.0 Sequence Diagram

  • Login

Login SD

  • Logout

Logout SD

  • Register

Register SD

  • Scanner

Scanner SD

  • QR code generator


  • History List

History SD

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A simple barcode/qrcode scanner with qrcode generator


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