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This is the repo for devdiv china onboarding site

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DevDiv China Onboarding Site

This repository hosts the source codes of DevDiv China onboarding site.


You're welcomed to contribute to the site!

Docfx is the tool to build the readme files in directory onboarding/ and generate the html resources in directory _site/. The static html files are then hosted in a WebApp. Building and deployment now is scheduled manually and on-demand.

Follow the steps here to contribute to the site.

// 1. clone the repo
git clone

// 2. go to the root folder of the project
cd onboarding-site/

// 3. contribute your contents by modifying the readme files in onboarding/ folder

// 4. build the readme files to generate the htmls
docfx build

// 5. host the site locally to preview your changes (vscode extension `LiveServer` might help).

// 6. open a pull request to the repository, and add @yungez, @houk-ms as the reviewers

// 7. @yungez, @houk-ms will merge and deploy your commits.

Feel free to reach out to, for anything questions or suggestions about the site.

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This is the repo for devdiv china onboarding site