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TechnologyClassroom opened this issue · comments

How easy would it be to swap out SalesForce CodeGen models with those from EleutherAI?

GPT-Neo, GPT-J, and GPT-NeoX models are also trained on GitHub.

GPT-J would be straightforward, since that's the same architecture as CodeGen. FasterTransformer has a guide here; you'd just need to convert the model:


I'm not sure what the architecture of NeoX-20B is. If it's identical to GPT-J but bigger, it could also be converted to FT.

I don't expect GPT-J to be very good as a code assistant, though -- the CodeGen paper evaluated it (Table 3):


And it's about the same size as CodeGen 6B, so you'd probably be better off just using that.

I saw SaleForce and assumed incorrectly that their models were nonfree. No reason to use EleutherAI in this case.