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ERROR: for fauxpilot_triton_1 Cannot start service triton:

deven367 opened this issue · comments


I was able to run ./setup.sh successfully, upon trying to run ./launch.sh, I get this error.


Hmm, this looks pretty similar to this issue from nvidia-docker:


Can you try some of the steps there, like making sure you have the most recent NVIDIA drivers installed? Also, is this using Linux or are you using WSL on Windows? (WSL is not a configuration I've tried)

It's on wsl

Hmm, ok; I'd recommend going through NVIDIA's CUDA on WSL user guide and making sure that's all working first (if you haven't already):


I think this a weird driver issue. When I try to train a model on WSL, I can see the model train on GPU but the GPU utilization still shows an error.


I will close this issue over here. Thanks!

Ok! Hope you can get it working :)

BTW running FauxPilot in WSL2 is working fine for me.