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Distributed System Tracing in Go

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Phosphor is a Distributed Tracing system, similar to Google's Dapper, Twitter's Zipkin, and Hailo's Trace Service.

It is comprised of a few simple components:

  • Phosphor Client, used to send traces from applications
  • Phosphor Daemon, collects traces and forwards onto the main server
  • Phosphor Server, stores traces and aggregated trace information
  • Phosphor UI, view trace and debug information about your infrastructure

Phosphor Architecture


  • NSQ is used as the delivery transport between PhosphorD and the Phosphor Server


This system is currently in development, and some components are not yet open source. In particular, the persistence layer in this repository is an in-memory mock, and is therefore not appropriate for production usage. Additional storage adaptors will be added in the near future.


Distributed System Tracing in Go

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