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Bench Manager

Bench Manager is a graphical user interface to emulate the functionalities of Frappé Bench. Like the command line utility it helps you install apps, manage multiple sites, update apps and much more.


Create a new site called bench-manager.local and install Bench Manager on the site.

Automated (preferred)

$ bench setup manager

What all it does:

  1. Create new site bench-manager.local
  2. Gets the bench_manager app from if it doesn't exist already
  3. Installs the bench_manager app on the site bench-manager.local


$ bench new-site bench-manager.local
$ bench get-app bench_manager
$ bench --site bench-manager.local install-app bench_manager


In frappe-bench directory execute:

$ bench update



What can you do using this app ?

  • Update bench
  • Backup your sites
  • Install/Uninstall apps on your site
  • Restore Backups on either existing sites or new sites
  • Create new apps and sites

App Catalogue

There are 5 main doctypes associated with this app.

1. Bench Settings

  • This is a single doctype whose main purpose is to peruse your bench instance and load all the necessary config onto the related doctypes such as App, Site and Site Backup.
  • The Update button emulates the bench update command and updates all the installed apps.
  • The Sync button does the following functions.
    • Reads your bench instance, greps and loads all the backups onto the Site Backup doctype.
    • Reads, greps and populates the Site doctype with all the existing sitse in the current bench instance.
    • Reads, greps and populates all the installed apps in the App doctype.
  • The Bench setting doctype also displays all the config parameters in the common-site-config.json which is applicable to all the sites in your bench instance.

2. Site

  • The Site doctype shows a list of all the sites in the current bench instance.
  • Inside each individual docname of the Site doctype one can find 3 clickable buttons.
    1. Migrate
      • This button emulates the bench migrate command.
      • It applies schema changes and data migrations if any.
      • Migrate should be run after you pull updates from any Frappé app.
    2. Backup Site
      • This button backs up the site with all the files in it.
    3. Install App
      • On clicking this button a ui-dialog pops up where one can select and install any app onto the site.
    4. Uninstall App
      • Lets you uninstall an app from the site.
    5. Reinstall
      • Lets you reinstall a site.
    6. Drop Site
      • Lets you delete a site. The backup for the site is automatically taken.
    7. View Site
      • Lets you directly access the site. At the click of a button, a new-tab is opened in your browser opening the site.
    8. Create Alias
      • Create multiple sites all pointing to the same site, i.e. create multiple aliases for the site.
      • This can also be considered as an alternative to renaming a site.
    9. Delete Alias
      • Delete the aliases created.

3. Site Backup

  • This doctype contains a list of all the backups present in your bench instance (includes both existent and archived sites).
  • Inside each individual docname one can find a Restore button.
  • Clicking the Restore button pops up a ui-dialog.
  • In this ui-dialog once chose whether to restore the backup either on an existing site or on a new site.

4. Bench Manager Command

  • This doctype is basically a logger for all the commands run using this app.
  • This doctype displays the source of the command ie. the doctype and docname from where the command originated.
  • It also displays the date and time on which the command was executed.
  • The status of the command can be one of 3 types (Success, Failed or Ongoing)
  • Finally the console text field displays the log of the command.

5. App

  • This doctype shows a list of all installed apps in the current bench instance, and their git information!




Bench made Simple



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