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Raspbian with OP-TEE support.

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Raspbian with OP-TEE Support


This project discribed how to integrating OP-TEE within Raspbian.

There are two prerequisite:

  • Raspbian have 32-bit version only.
  • ATF(Trust Firmware-A) now only have 64-bit support for Raspberry Pi 3. (ATF RPI3 support).

I don't want to change this default when considering big workload. So, this project will build ATF as 64-bit, and all others as 32-bit.


  • Host OS: Ubuntu 16.04 or later.
  • Cross Build Toolchain: AARCH64 & AARCH32 both needed, and AARCH32 must > 6.0. (you can get one from linaro)
  • Hardware: Support only Raspberry Pi 3rd generation (such as 3B/3B+) board, not first or 2nd generation board.


First, config your cross build toolchain at


$ ./ # if your had download all packages, skip this.
$ make patch # this will patch linux kernel & ATF, if you have done before, skip this.
$ make

When success, it should seem as:



Prepare a SD Card Flashed with an official Raspbian image, mount it in linux, such as /media/user/boot & /media/user/rootfs.


$ cp ./out/boot/* /media/user/boot
$ sudo cp -r ./out/rootfs/* /media/user/rootfs

Test OP-TEE is ok

Boot Rsapberry Pi with the Modified image in SD Card.

When you are logined,then:

$ ls /dev/tee*
/dev/tee0 /dev/teepriv0 # this prove tee driver & optee-os works.
$ sudo tee-supplicant &
$ sudo optee_example_hello_world

It should be no errors, then all is OK.


Shell scripts should be moved to Makefile.


Raspbian with OP-TEE support.


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