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本解决方案完成了使用HOG特征和SVM分类器,在CASIA-NLPR【Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences-National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition**科学院自动化研究所-模式识别国家重点实验室】提供的手写体汉字数据集上,进行了训练和分类预测,并完成了2013**手写体识别大赛的4项比赛任务。

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what's the mpf file? how to use the resulted dataset?

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Hi, Michael
Q1: I have some problem during rewriting your project. I found the mpf file related information in it, but I have no idea about it. Can you explain more?
Q2: If the resulted dataset is trained successfully, how do I use it? Or my direct question is that if I need to run the nerual network or svm every time I write the same chinese character to be recoginzed?